Learning and Development

Our people learn though Teach, Action and Coach

In Lee Kum Kee, we apply the “Teach, Action, Coach” learning philosophy. A comprehensive training scheme has been institutionalised to promote a blended approach on people development. Every year, the Company invests over 84,200 hours on training and development of staff across the world. The training series ranges from personal effectiveness to quality assurance. To develop our people to their full potential, we ensure learning does not end in the classroom. Through on-the-job coaching, employees are exposed s to different challenges to strengthen their business acumen and professional capability, and master the taught skills in workplace environment.

Our people get off with good start

An effective on-boarding is the first priority on our agenda. An individualized Getting Ready Briefing is given to all new hires on the first day. Within 3 months, all new employees are connected through a full day New Employee Orientation Program & Plant Tour covering our heritage, culture, product ranges, standards and production environment. Tailored to the job, we also work closely with functions to help new hires fit into the working environment and to enhance their effectiveness at work.

Our people progress from within

We believe that employees should take charge of their development. However, we also recognise that clear career goals and regular progress reviews will help our employees to continuously grow and develop in their careers.

As employees progress along the leadership pipeline, promoted people managers will participate in the Leadership Voyage (LV) Series to unleash their leadership potentials. Aligned with our corporate core competency model and culture, the LV Series offers tailor-made classroom training and career development solutions for people managers at different levels. Outstanding employees will be moved around the business from time to time, as appropriate, to acquire a well-rounded experience. We offer field studies and also set aside funds for employees who wish to pursue more advanced studies from Diplomas to Masters’ degrees.