Lee Kum Kee’s latest Dressing Range, comprising our Sriracha Mayo and Asian Twist series, offers hassle-free convenience along with great taste, a perfect fit for today’s fast-paced generation. Whether it’s a sumptuous feast for loved ones or a quick snack, our dressing range is the secret sauce that elevates flavour to a whole new level.

Deliciously spicy Sriracha sauce is widely popular in the United States as a dressing for salads and sandwiches. A blend of classic Sriracha sauce and creamily fragrant mayonnaise, Lee Kum Kee’s Sriracha Mayo is a great choice for those craving a tangy picante kick that doesn’t overpower.

Giving a twist to the traditional view of dressings, Lee Kum Kee’s new Asian Twist series reinvents the category, ready-to-serve and well-suited for all occasions. Fusing the best of Western and Asian cuisines, each sauce comes in a distinct blend of flavours, and is ideal for salads, dipping, or even hot dishes.

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